The only content aggregator for the Australian free to air television content, FreeV adds convenience and functionality to a dynamic and exciting media space. With features allowing users to subscribe, share, track and comment on their favourite shows, FreeV ensures that the best content always rises to the top.

The motivation for this site came from leading a busy life. There is a simple joy in coming home after a hard day to enjoy some viewing escapism or having a few minutes to chill out and watch stuff. We got sick of being at the mercy of the TV guide and didn’t like the hassle of browsing multiple network sites for content, not to mention sifting through the mountain of episodes on each site to try to find out what was actually good.

When we had an hour to spare to watch something, we didn’t want the hassle of all that. Once we talked to some friends, neither did they. Access to everything in one place with content sorted and rated by people with similar interests seemed to be the ultimate solution to our common conundrum. Thus FreeV was born.

It has been adventure to develop the site and we are happy with the beta release. There is always room for improvement though and we are constantly looking to advance the functionality.

This is a site to make our lives and our friends lives easier, limit hassle and maximise pleasure. We hope it will do the same for others too.