Are you a teacher who is inspired to make an impact in the lives of those you teach? Personal health and hygiene behaviors are developed during childhood and often remain throughout adult life. Poor oral health carries significant burdens at both individual and societal levels. Simple oral health messages can be delivered and adopted at an early stage. Development of such basic life skills can help to avoid the pain, cost and serious general health effects of oral disease throughout a lifetime.

The Smart Smiles program was designed with both students AND teachers in mind. Teachers are already burdened with teaching a large range of topics and skills. For this reason, the Smart Smiles program works within a framework of existing curriculum outcomes. This integrated approach means that students are gaining critical early oral health messages while also meeting broader stage-based learning goals.

Visual, aural and kinesthetic activities within the Smart Smiles resources have helped to make this the most inclusive and engaging program of its kind. We hope your class enjoys the stories and activities that we have developed, and we thank you for your support of the Smart Smiles initiative.



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